Monday, 2 January 2017

Meet Violet Waters. They say the only thing more lovely than Violet's face was her voice.

Here's Violet wearing a silk coat dress inspired by Nina Simone's 1964 recording of the traditional song See Line Woman. Influenced by styles from the early 1950s, this dress features an oversized embroidered collar and contrasting fly-away cuffs.

See line woman,
dressed in green,
wears silk stockings with golden seams.

This dress along with the matching hat and handbag are for sale on my Etsy page

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Gene Marshall meets the Little Tailor

The Little Tailor is back with a new blog and a whole new world of miniature tailoring!

I've recently discovered the world of couture fashion dolls, and with a background in creating miniatures and dolls for doll houses, I'm looking forward to lots of new opportunities and challenges.

Follow my adventures with Gene Marshall* and friends, see how unique miniature fashions are created and find out where to buy couture inspired clothing for your own 16" fashion dolls.

*Gene Marshall is a collector's fashion doll designed by Mel Ododm in 1995.
Along with other dolls in the series, she is currently produced by JAMIEShow Doll USA