Monday, August 31, 2009

One great web site

Hi there again!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is one elementary school prom dress, It is from satin and organza. It has corset to fit better and to hold the dress. It also have small bolero.

Here it is one more dress. I am not very satisfied with this one because of the choice of fabric. She look very nice and fit good but I know that it could look better and more expencive if it was done from different kind of textile. This is some kind of licra and back shawl is made of muslin.

This dress is also done according to sample of one`s celebrities dress. Here is the picture of it and of my work.
It is done from red satin. I also used two face of fabric to get that effect.

Here is the second dress that is almost like wedding dress.
It is two leyered dress. First one is from satin and second,upper is from organza. The corset is done from 5 mm pliese that is sewn together and than tailored. The skirt is full circle. It has two hoop wire. Around chest it has pearls.And here it is:

Here is the hardest skirt for this year. The costumer ask me to go to one wedding shop to see that wedding dress and told me she want that dress. It is skirt with corset. She allready bought corset and I have just added tulle to upper bust part of corset. It look nice but it would be better if we would use more textile. Here we used 35 meter of tulle but it would be better with 66 meter as we should do at the beginning. Since it would be very expensive we try to get same effect with less textile. And here it is!

This is second dresss and it is the biggest surprise for me.
It is very simple dress and I did not expect so good effect
but when she got her makeup and hairstyle it was her maxymum.
I really like it but like to hear your oppinion.
It is done from satin. Upper part is done from reverse side of
satin and it have bra pads and down is shine side of satin.
The hem is burned.